Myllypuro, Helsinki

Home Teams: Expos, Mets, Puumat

The opening of the field was held in the summer of 2019 and it was completed in its entirety for the 2020 season. The surface material of the field is sand and natural grass. The ground has fixed backstops and side fences. The outfield fence must be erected separately on gameday.

The field has dugouts, a bullpen, a batting cage and a storage room for the home and away team. Stadium seating is available behind the backstop.


The field is located in Myllypuro Sports Park and the nearest address is Jäätanssipolku 1, 00900 Helsinki

picture of the helsinki baseball field

Pirates Stadium, Lahti

Home Team(s): Pirates

The Lahti Pirates Stadium is the home of the Pirates and was the first field in Finland to be completed exclusively for baseball. The surface material of the field is artificial grass and sand. The field has fixed fences and dugouts for the home and away team.


The field is located at the end of Ristkarinkatu in Lahti.

picture of the lahti baseball field

Käpylä, Helsinki

The field surface is mixure of small stone and sand with a fixed backstop and side fences.


The Käpylä sand field is located in the Käpylä sports park at Mäkelänkatu 72, 00610 Helsinki.

picture of the Käpylä baseball field

Kilo, Espoo

The field in Kilo is a school field with smaller dimensions in terms for baseball usage. Lefties certainly have an advantage for home runs.


Aspelintie 3 02630 Espoo

picture of the kilo baseball field


Home Team(s): Tigers

The field in Tampere is a mixure of crushed stone and sand featuring a separately assembled backstop.


Ilmailunkatu 11, 33900 Tampere

picture of the tampere baseball field


The field in Turku has a stone ash surface.


Lemminkäisenkatu 11, 20520 Turku

picture of the turku baseball field