North American Style Baseball in Finland!

Yes, you read that right! What an amazing opportunity to be had in Finland! If you've moved here from another country and wanted to play the game you love, it can be done!

The Helsinki Mets are part of a multi-country baseball league in Finland. Currently, the league is comprised of six teams. In Finland the Mets, Expos, Puumat, Tigers, and Pirates. And making the sixth team, the Panthers from Estonia!

The country already has a national version of their own baseball (called Pesäpallo) game so getting six teams together for this playstyle is no small feat.

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Who are the Helsinki Mets?

The Mets baseball club started in 2012 and played two seasons in the Suomi-sarja league (now Fat Lizard league), winning the Championship in 2013.

The team has participated in Finland’s top league, SM-sarja, since 2014 and won their first SM Championship in 2018.

The Mets club also has a farm team, the Myllypuro Tornadoes, which is the recreational and development team for the Mets.

The players enjoy friendships that extend beyond team events and playing baseball during the summer. Quite a few of them enjoy Super Bowl parties, going out for drinks, or simply hanging out at each others houses watching MLB.

Questions? Interested in playing?

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League Sponsors

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